Thursday, August 4, 2011

Village Whiskey

As most of you know I love food, my waist band fails to keep that secret for me. I have been taking advantage of this blistering summer by ducking into new places in the great city of Philadelphia. Last night a friend and I decided to try Village Whiskey on 20th. It is one of the great Garces restaurants so in my eyes it could do no wrong. Village Whiskey was an elegant black leathered atmosphere that reminded me an old Philadelphia. I remember my great grandmother telling me tales of wining and dining around the city and Village gave me a peek into that world. The village burger was the juiciest I've ever had, it was thick and covered in a creamy thousand island dressing that went perfectly with the ripe tomato. As per suggestion I had the duck fat fries with the sly fox cheese sauce, they were seasoned well and had an amazing crunch without taking away from the potato. My only let down came with the bill. Although the cocktails had a great flavor they were weak and 12 dollars each. This is not NYC friends, scale it back. All in all I recommend Village Whiskey for anytime, casual or romantic, just have your cocktail somewhere else.